Recent server outages and planned upgrades

Date 19-Apr-2019 1:07:53
Topic: News


The server upgrade should be completed

It was quite a task and there are no doubt some problems remaining that I haven't been able to find.

Please report any odd issues. Thanks!



As you've no doubt noticed we've had some mysterious outages recently. We apologize for these.

The first time it happened it was obvious the kernel had panicked but no root cause was found. Getting it back up and running was annoying since the software raid needed to be rebuilt (an operation that takes many hours on this particular hardware), after which we then had some problems with a corrupted boot image, it ended up taking quite a few stabs to get it up and running again, not the least because I have a day job and 3 young kids and therefore can't spend every waking hour trying to bring the site back.

Yesterday we then suffered another crash after which the server hosting team ran a hardware test on the server at our request and discovered a broken CPU fan, probably the root-cause of both of these crashes. The CPU fan has now been replaced so we should hopefully be past these issues.

Since I'm writing a news piece anyway I think it's good to point out that there's a plan to upgrade the server to a more recent release of Ubuntu on the 18th of April, the site will be unreachable for some time during that day, probably from early in the morning and until the afternoon. We apologize beforehand for any inconvenience this may cause.

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