Ultimate Creative is back, MagicUAE is out

Date 10-Apr-2019 23:03:52
Topic: Software News

Ultimate Creative is back and celebrate it with his new free product MagicUAE.

Prepare to live an incredible experience by reliving the frenzy of the Amiga on your PC.


Our TruePiXels shader forgot the limited scanlines effects for to reproduce optimized RGB pixels, optimized colours and many more like original. ​
Vivia Colours promises meanwhile an explosion of colours perfectly adjusted to never denature the original.​
If you don't like shaders, jump on our Classic configurations perfectly optimized like an original Amiga.

With MagicUAE, no one is forgotten : purists, audacious and careful but whatever your profile :

MagicUAE is not an emulation, it's an experience !

We are wating you on our new website Ultimate Creative

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