A4000 4-Device IDE Interface From Amiga Kit

Date 12-May-2019 10:36:31
Topic: hardware Classic

A4000 4-Device IDE interface - new revision 3

Compatible with the Commodore Amiga 4000 Desktop or A4000T.

The standard Commodore Amiga 4000 is supplied with a single IDE connector as standard allowing only two IDE devices to be connected. This interface overcomes this factory limitation by providing two IDE connectors. Each IDE interface allows two devices so with this adapter a total of up to 4x IDE devices is possible.

Features 2x 40-pin IDE connectors (primary/secondary) and 1x 40-pin IDE connector to link to original Amiga motherboard IDE interface.

The 40-way (3.5") IDE cable to connect this adapter to the Amiga motherboard IDE connector can be optionally added below at various lengths.

To use the secondary port, third party software such as IDEFIX software package should be installed.

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A4000 4-Device IDE Interface

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