Reshoot R World Premiere Today

Date 29-May-2019 19:13:02
Topic: software Classic

Today is the World Premiere of Reshoot R on Amiga Bill's stream. With that event happening I am inviting people to it and also got a short Q&A session with Richard in it.

Reshoot R is for sure one of the most unique parallax shooters for Amiga AGA. Read why and get some of the answers... .. .

Check out the Reshoot R stream Tonight!
15.00 (3pm) | New York
20.00 (8pm) | Dublin, London, Lisbon
21.00 (9pm) | Oslo, Stockholm, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, Warsaw
22.00 (10pm) | Helsinki
04.00 (4am) | Tokyo
05.00 (5am) | Melbourne, Sydney
07.00 (7am) | Wellington

Check out more on:

Finally! The wait is over!... .. . Reshoot R is here!

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