50 Days to the Commodore Vegas Expo v15!

Date 23-Jun-2019 17:50:41
Topic: Events

It's never too early to be thinking ahead! :) The 2019 Commodore Vegas Expo is inexorably marching ahead to August 10-11 and the Plaza Hotel & Casino, Desert Wind Salon, 1 Main Street in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. The website --


has just been updated with more information. We're still looking to add more raffle prizes to the show! Right now, our Commodore and Amiga exhibits and presentations look fine, and perhaps we'll get another presentation or two (a pi1541 presentation would be good!). Come and celebrate the 15th anniversary of the show! Cake and the bubbly will be served!

First, CLASS, then PaCommEx, and now CommVEx!
Robert Bernardo

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