SDL Library 1.2.6 beta released

Date 11-Sep-2003 8:05:22
Topic: Software News

The latest release of the Simple Directmedia Library (SDL) has been released for the Amiga.

Due to it being a beta, it may output some debugging information on the serial port.

The archive contains:
  • GCC 68k static library.
  • GCC morphos static library.
  • SAS/C static library
  • The 68k SHARED SDL.library, works with any language or compiler able to parse an .fd file.
  • A few SDL examples with a GCC Makefile to build them.
  • Inlines, pragmas and .fd files for the 68k shared library.
  • Includes and HTML docs from the original SDL archive.

You can download the library archive here, or visit the Amiga SDL Website.

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