RNOPDF 1.3 released for OS3, OS4, and MorphOS

Date 30-Aug-2019 11:53:30
Topic: software Classic

RNOPDF is a compact PDF viewer having a minimal GUI with easy control options. It's made with Hollywood and includes the source code.

Version 1.3 contains the following changes:
- Added search functionality
- Supports links in documents
- Supports bookmarks in documents
- Added text exporting options
- Can open password protected files
- Can display documents' meta-data and other information
- Can flush Polybios.ext from memory at exit on Amiga compatibles
- Added fullscreen mode
- More compatible with PDF files, thanks to endianness fixes in Polybios
- Logo stays visible if the program fails to load a file
- "Jump back" option to swap between the current and previously viewed page

The program is available for OS3 (68k/RTG, WOS/RTG), OS4, MorphOS, Windows, and Mac. Please visit the homepage for download links.

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