The secret of MIddle City on sale now, boxed version!

Date 20-Oct-2019 17:03:24
Topic: News

ACube Systems is very proud to announce the distribution of the boxed version of “The Secret of Middle City”, published by VirtualWorks and developed by DreamsArts Studio and GDG-Entertainment.

After launching at the recent Amiga34 event in Neuss, Germany, ACube Systems is proud to announce the immediate availability of the boxed version of the game “The Secret of Middle City” on its online store (…/107-the-secret-o…).

The game is an old-style point’n click graphical adventure settled in a mountain city in the western part of the United States. The exquisite Linda Patton, daughter of Mr. Patton, a respected engineer, has suddenly disappeared leaving no trace. The player, in the shoes of FBI agent Cox, will explore many locations and will meet the city’s inhabitants to gather information and solve the case.

The box ships with AmigaOS 4, MorphOS and Aros version. If you own Windows or macOS systems, after buying the boxed version, you can send an email to the developer at the address with a proof of purchase and you will be given a download link to get the executable for your system.

This game is a tribute to Stefano Buonocore, game designer and creator, that recently passed away shortly before seeing the fulfillment of his dream to publish a boxed version of the game on which he worked hard and tenaciously for so long.

Once the production costs are covered, the revenues will entirely go to Stefano’s family for charity projects.

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