New Game: AI

Date 29-Oct-2019 23:38:17
Topic: Announcement

New Game: AI

AI was made for Christiandevs annual Speedgame 2019 competition where it became #1 in both categories of "Best Fun Game" (shared #1) and "Most Original Concept", in which AI scored the maximum score of 5 points.

Overall ending however only at #4.

In AI you are in control of an AI sending Robots to kill Humans.

There's a catch however, you cant control Robots individually, but you can only control from where and when to send Robots, and what ALL Robots will be targeting at any time and then Robots will themselves decide how to achieve it.

The version sent to the competition is not the same as this release version. This release version is worked a bit further, adding such features as Save Game (autosave), Upgrades, bug fixes, other tweaks, and the possibility to actually complete the game properly.

Notice, however, that this game does need a heavy machine, and no real AOS3 machine is able to run this, X1000 or equivalent is recommended.
Although if you don't mind a slower speed, then you could play this with some lower spec machines.

In addition, there is also a possibility to make the speed faster for slower machines, but this happens with the cost of stability. You might be able to play this with for example lower-spec SAMs but prepare for bugs then.

You can check a bit about this game (the competition version) from a video about all Speedgames from here:

As is usual with my games, to support Indiego Appstore, this game will first be available only through Indiego Appstore:

But will at later point be released to Aminet as well.

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