GoADF!2020 v 2.0.2 released

Date 27-Nov-2019 9:30:32
Topic: Amigaworld.net News

Hi guys!

Today the 2.0.2 version of GoADF (build 2934) has been made public available for everyone.

GoADF! is more than just your average ADF disk writing tool. It shows information about your ADF files, like filesystem type, used/free space on disk, and more, it can extract individual files from an ADF, it can mount ADFs as a logical drive to AmigaOS, of course it can write your ADF files to floppy disk, and it does a couple of other useful things.

In this release the GoADF supports many formats of floppy images: ADF, ADZ, DMS and HFE (from Gotek hardware emulator).

There is also new module for convert files from ADF/ADZ/DMS/HFE to ADF/ADZ.

This software is shareware, but can be fully used in unregistered mode with nag screens on launch and closure, and can be registered for 30PLN (~EUR7) by paypal at https://bitplan.pl/goadf/registration.html

Go for download at http://www.bitplan.pl/goadf

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