Word Me Up XXL 1.61 released on MorphOS

Date 20-Dec-2019 6:07:48
Topic: software MorphOS

Word Me Up XXL 1.61 has been released for MorphOS enabled computers. Following the release of MorphOS 3.12, some graphics bugs have appeared. The main objective of this update is therefore to fix these problems.

New features:
- General / Full screen / A black screen could appear during the sequence of certain screens: fixed.
- General / Compilation with GCC 4.4.5 (previously 2.95.3) and SDK 3.14.
- Character choice / Smoother shift of the avatar when displaying associated help.
- Character choice / The mouse couldn't be used to click on the [-] and [+] buttons: fixed.
- End / Some labels were fixed.
- ...

This update is free for all people that have already bought the game. Others can buy the game online.

Don't forget to register your copy to get updates if you don't buy game via our webshop. And always send us you new e-mail if it's updated.

You can dowload a free updated demo containing 8 of the 64 game levels here.

With WordMeUp XXL, have fun!

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