New AmiKit XE 11.1 released as a free update for all XE users!

Date 25-Dec-2019 15:32:31
Topic: software Classic

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Besides various improvements and fixes, the new live update brings powerful OS4 IconEditor to 68k platform thanks to Paul E. Bloedel. Now the OS3.x users can finally create and edit PNG icons with ease.

Thanks to MUIMapparium you can explore world, create way points, tracks and routes too. Programmed by ALB42.

With ModExplorer, created by Joerg Renkert, get ready to explore the world of music modules and SID songs. There are 125.000 of them available!

Like Pacman? Besides Deluxe Pacman there's now a Hollywood clone running on the Workbench screen. Enjoy!

For more details check complete changelog.



It's a polished collection of hundreds of pre-configured AmigaOS3.x programs running on Windows, Mac and Linux.



The update is free for all XE users. Merry Christmas!

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