Cloanto licenses Commodore 65 ROM to Mega 65 - Amiga licenses on the horizon?

Date 24-Feb-2020 18:46:28
Topic: Announcement

In a surprising announcement on Friday, February 21st, Cloanto - famous for its long running range of Amiga emulators - and the Mega65 Project announced that the two parties have come to an agreement regarding licensing official Commodore 65 ROM code for the upcoming Mega 65 8-bit computer, that fully clones the Commodore 65 using FPGA-hardware with a slew of enhancements such as Ethernet and HDMI connectivity. In a following comment, a Mega 65 spokesperson stated that preorders for the highly anticipated little brother of the Amiga 1000 is only weeks away.

This move may suggest that the Cloanto, currently involved with a legal battle with other parties claming ownership of the Amiga trademarks, will be open to similar deals concerning Amiga intellectual property once the ongoing court proceedings are finalized.

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