First Amiga Tabor pre-orders start, computers confirmed for summer/fall of 2020

Date 4-Mar-2020 16:46:48
Topic: hardware OS4

On Sunday, March 1st, Amiga retailer AmigaKit approached customers that have recently bought the limited "AAA Bundle" by asking them to declare their interest in pre-ordering the upcoming, PowerPC-based Amiga Tabor. As previously announced by A-EON, the company designing the Tabor, AAA Bundle customers will have first dibs on the initial Tabor production run now known as the Early Adopter Scheme. In its communication to customers, the Tabor is now confirmed to have its launch window set within the third quarter of 2020. Since no deposits were initially asked for, payment requests for 400 - a price tag that includes the computer motherboard, a license of the upcoming Enhancer 2.0 software suite and a one year warranty - are expected at a later date, when additional periperals such as Radeon graphics cards will also be offered. The forthcoming, general availability of the Amiga Tabor remains as of yet undisclosed.

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