Calling all Queensland Amiga Users

Date 13-Sep-2003 8:27:34
Topic: Announcement

Doug Moir wants to remind Austalian Amiga users that the first meeting of the new Qld Amiga User Group will take place tomorrow in Brisbane. Topics of discussion will be OS4, the upcoming Australian OS4 roadshows and you will be able to test the AmigaOne. Read more for Mr. Moir's message.

Hi All,

Just a reminder to everyone that the first meeting of the new Qld Amiga User Group wil take place TOMORROW (Sunday 14th) in Brisbane.

4 Bolwell Street, Runcorn, Brisbane
Time: 1pm

All Qld amiga users are invited to attend.
Meeting will discuss insurance and incorporation issues, permanent venue, group name, steering committee etc.

A discussion will also be held on OS 4 and the upcoming Australian OS 4 roadshow, an AmigaOne will be on display as well as other hardware and a small range of hardware and software will be available for sale

For any further info please call me on (07) 5562-1174

Doug Moir

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