New version 1.5 of AmiCygnix available

Date 4-Mar-2020 16:50:46
Topic: software OS4

In version 1.5 many problems that were noticed in 1.4 have been eliminated. But new things have also been added.

New in AmiCygnix-Base:
  • A new window manager has been added that is recommended for use with programs launched from the standalone scripts. The main window is maximized and duplicate frames are avoided.
  • Seven new display drivers are included, which can bring advantages depending on the existing hardware. Five of these drivers no longer use Picasso96, but the functions of the Graphics Library (from V54).
  • If a workbench display is iconized, the name of the icon now indicates the program started in it, if it was started with a standalone script.
  • The X server did not support special keys like "Page Up" or "Home" found on a PC keyboard. Also the NumLock key was not supported. This has now been implemented.
  • The X server could crash on some systems. This is fixed now.
  • Fixed some bugs in myX11Setup and myX11SetupLight.
  • In some programs, the Italian translation has been updated or newly created.
  • The display drivers xpicasso96clonewbdb and xpicasso96wb were revised for better performance, especially on 32/24bit screens.
  • Various internal tools and the desktop panel "lxpanel" have been revised. The programs could cause crashes.
  • The documentation is now available in PDF format. In addition, a separate documentation about the display drivers has been added.

  • New in AmiCygnix-Tools:

  • The startup scripts have been redesigned for the new window manager.
  • The documentation is now also in PDF format.

  • Download links:


    The base package

    The tools package

    Standalone programs on the Workbench

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