Revised versions of AbiWord 2.8.6 and Gnumeric 1.10.17 for AmiCygnix released

Date 4-Apr-2020 0:30:26
Topic: software OS4

AbiWord is a wordprocessor, which supports a wide range of file formats.

Gnumeric is a spreadsheet, which is similar to Microsoft Excel and is part of the Gnome Office Suite like the text processor Abiword.

New in this release:
  • Because of a bug in both packages, charts could not be created or edited in Gnumeric tables. Fixed now.
    AbiWord is able to integrate Gnumeric tables.
  • Program relinked with the latest libraries.
  • Various minor optimizations.

  • AbiWord:
    Download: abiword.lha

    Download: gnumeric.lha


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