"Game boards" add-on for Ask Me Up XXL!

Date 3-May-2020 19:33:32
Topic: software Classic

The Game boards add-on is now available freely for Ask Me Up XXL, the quiz of general knowledge released for AmigaOS 4, MorphOS and Windows computers. It includes 63 new questions about dice, cards and game boards, 2176 in all!

"Which avenue does not exist in Monopoly ?", "What is the name of the 2-player version of the game 'Catan' ?", ... are some of the questions to which you will now have the answers! Ideal to show off in your evening games!

- Theme / Dice, Cards, Game boards
- Game modes / Quiz - Survival - Cup
- Forms / Text: 93%, text/image: 5%, image: 1%, slide: 1%
- Languages / English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Swedish and Portuguese
- Translators / English (Glames), Spanish (Enrique Mecklenburg), Italian (Samir Hawamdeh), German (Amigo1), Portuguese (Mário Compaio), Swedish (Niolator).

The add-on requires at least the lastest update of Ask Me Up XXL (3.5.0).

Please download it here.

List of available add-ons here.

You can buy AskMeUp XXL CD from our partners Alinea Computer and Amedia Computer. The digital version is of course still available from our website.

More details on the game webpage.

Ask Me Up XXL, now you know!

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