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Date 9-May-2020 16:29:33
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AmigaKit Ltd is pleased to announce availablity of the FastIDE adapter for use with the A1200 4xIDE Buffered Interface

If you have the Amiga Kit 4xIDE Buffered Interface installed on your Commodore-Amiga 1200, you can add this FastIDE adapter to speed up your IDE transfers.

This adapter simply plugs onto the top of the Gayle chip and connects to the buffered IDE interface with the supplied ribbon cable.

It also offers extra enhancements such as fixing the PCMCIA reset bug that exist on some Amiga 1200 motherboards.

* Enhances IDE transfer speeds when used with our 4xIDE interface
* Drive speed can be changed from PIO0 to PIO4 using Drive Prefs software download.
* PCMCIA CC_Reset fix built in
* PCMCIA LED activity jumper
* Computer Reset / Reboot jumper
* A14 A15 jumper for connection to clockport expanders
* Enable/disable jumper

To accompany the release of the hardware, Version 1.5 of the 4xIDE Prefs software is now available from the official Wiki pages:

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