New Amiga 060 boards

Date 30-May-2020 22:51:14
Topic: hardware Classic

Amigawarp / CS-Lab for Amiga currently comes with the Warp 1260 & 560 and later on, the 4060.

It has:

- MC68060 CPU -> You need to supply your own.
- 256MB DDR3 RAM
- RTG Graphics up to 1920x1080 resolution 32bit color and Digital Video output
- 16bit Audio Codec
- on-board FastIDE interface
- 400MHz ARM co-processor
- USB Host Ports
- WiFi module
- microSD card slot
- on-board fast ROM with slots up to four Kickstart versions and burst access
- on-board connector for optional flicker-fixer module (in development)

You can even try to overclock the mc/xc68060 rev 6 upto 105 Mhz.

It costs 499.

For more info AmigaWarp

Unboxing Warp1260

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