Kea Sigma Delta reassures interest in developing laptop PPC Amiga

Date 10-Jun-2020 16:15:46
Topic: hardware OS4

In an update posted on YouTube on Monday and an accompanying blog update, the New Zealand based Amiga development company Kea Sigma Delta reaffirmed its interest in building a PowerPC based Amiga laptop based on the ITX motherboard standard. In the video, the company founder Hans de Ruiter - known to some Amiga users for Radeon graphics card drivers, Warp3D programmering tutorials and FTP server software - explains the lessons learned with the project so far, and why investing money into a 3D printer may be a bad idea.

While the laptop project hasn't come into fruition just yet, De Ruiter emphasizes that the project is "unfinished businesses" that, eventually, will be realized. Anyone interested in following the development and, ultimately, buy a laptop themselves are encouraged to join the project mailing list to allow Kea Sigma Delta to gauge the public interest.

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