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Date 4-Jul-2020 12:32:41
Topic: News

The following articles have been added to the website of the french Amiga magazine Obligement ( during the last two months:

- May/June 2020 news.
- News: The Annuaire Amiga is 20 years old!
- Old articles from Joystick 4 to 6: News: Amiga 3000, at last! Interview with David Ward, Review: Crack Down, Review: Rotox, Interview with Laurant Weill, Review: 688 Attack Sub, Review: Budokan, Point of view: Hubert Auriol tests racing games on Amiga, Interview with Nick Wilson and Matthew Stibbe, Review: Aquanaut, Review: Lords Of War, Review: Player Manager, etc.
- Interview with Leonard Tramiel (Atari).
- Interview with Bruno Peloille (MorphOS developer).
- Review of MUIMapparium 0.8.
- Review of Heroes Of Might And Magic 2.
- Review of Strife.
- Hardware : MIST 1.4 (update).
- Point of view: Why did Commodore launch the Amiga 600?
- Point of view: The problems that caused the bankruptcy of ICD.
- File: The Amiga history of Peter Molyneux.
- File: Classic Reflections - What happened to MicroniK?
- Tutorial: Utilization of Open Firmware.
- DIY: Replacing the clock battery of an Amiga 2000.
- Special quiz about MacroSystem.

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