Goadf! 3.0 has been released

Date 5-Aug-2020 17:01:01
Topic: Software News

The new version of GoADF! is available at the program website https://www.bitplan.pl/goadf

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What's new in this version?

From now GoADF can be localized with the locale.library, included catalogs:
- Italian (by Samir Hawamdeh)
- Spanish (by Ignacio Gully)
- French (by Mickael 'BatteMan' Pernot)
- Greek (by Nikos Pagonis)
- Russian (by Mikhail Malyshev)
- Finnish (by Joona Palaste)
- German (by Frank Brandis)
- Czech (by Predseda)
- Norwegian (by Kolbjorn Barmen)
- Danish (by Michael Englyst)
- Dutch (by Folkert de Gans)
- Polish (AmigaPL by Krzysztof Donat)
- Polish (ISO-8859-2, conversion from AmigaPL by Mandi)
- English (built-in)

New original device goadf.device included with full support for 68000 - dedicated to all owners of the fast 68000 (e.g. ACA500 or Wicher accelerators).

In addition, many improvements have been added:
- 4 virtual drives can be additional enable
- appwindow enabled (disk images can be dragged into GoADF window) GoADF! can be minimalized
- new module to create new (empty) disk images
- requesters with asl.library (no reqtools needed)
- support for RAD disk (images can be written to RAD: )
- new configuration options, like 'Do not show splash at startup' and others
- GUI and procedures fixes for NG systems
new icons
- several bug-fixes

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