AmiKit XE 11.3 update released

Date 16-Aug-2020 17:02:03
Topic: software Classic

We've released another free update to keep your experience sparkling!

Good day, everyone! Today's release includes a bevy of software updates, a handful of fixes, and even a smackeral of new features ;)

Especially Startup-Sequence, which got some love. It is much more robust now, it takes better care of patches and ROM modules depending on your AmigaOS version. It supports kick.rom versions 40 up to 47. As a result, your AmiKit should be even more stable now.


AmiKit is a polished collection of 425 pre-installed AmigaOS3.x apps and retro games for any Vampire V2-enhanced Amiga or Vampire V4 Standalone or Windows/Mac/Linux.
We've done all the hard work for you. Everything is pre-configured and well designed. Actually, it shows just how far ahead of its time the Amiga software design really was!


For details and changelog please visit
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Special thanks to Jakub Hajda, Philipp Lonke, Keith Matthews, Thomas Scheller, Dimitris Panokostas and Artur Jarosik for beta-testing.

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