Revised version of AbiWord 2.8.6 for AmiCygnix released

Date 18-Aug-2020 14:18:30
Topic: software OS4

AbiWord is a wordprocessor, which supports a wide range of file formats.

New in this release:
  • The program was linked with GTK+ 2.24.32. As a result, drag and drop now works among other things. Content and other things can now be moved with the mouse and much more.
  • The included Aspell catalogs in German and English for spell checking have been updated. The separately available Aspell catalogs will also be updated.
  • Various libraries have been updated:
    - libwpd-0.9.9: A library for reading and writing Corel WordPerfect(tm) documents.
    - libwps-0.2.10: A library for reading Microsoft Works word processor documents.
    - wv-1.2.9: Word Document Filter library and utilities.
  • The localization code has been revised. With the new features of AmiCygnix 1.6, AbiWord can now use all available languages. Languages like "Canadian English" were not possible before.

  • Links:
    Download: abiword.lha

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