AmiModRadio v0.9997 Released!

Date 22-Nov-2020 17:04:46
Topic: News

Hi AmigaSystem and all!

I'm happy to release a new version of AmiModRadio, v0.9997, which is now multitasks!

As a sequence diagram can't explain very well , AmiModRadio now has three tasks collaborating to bring you the best modules from the Internet

That means no more frozen UI while modules download and downloading can be interrupted at anytime (Just press the stop button!) I also refactored my code to make it more beautiful and fixed several (logic) bugs...

As usual, AmiModRadio can be downloaded, along with its source code:

- Via HTTP, on my Web site, whenever it's up ;
- Via HTTPs on BitBucket;
- Via HTTPs on SourceForge.

Please contribute by asking for features, reporting bugs, or offering translations! (I'm still looking for a German speaker...)


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