MakeCD FS module v45.8 with Joilet and HFS support.

Date 10-Dec-2002 17:21:10
Topic: Software News

The authors of the CD burning program MakeCD have released an update to their makecdromfs.module courtesy of Heinz Wrobel.

If you replace your v11.3 version with the new makecdromfs.module V45.8, then MakeCD 3.2 beta 10 also allows you to write Joliet and HFS tracks. This module also supports a better, extended file list format - see the readme that is included with the new module. It is brought to you by Heinz Wrobel, who should be contacted regarding all problems with the makecdromfs.module. This is the second public beta of this module; the first one produced invalid images in some cases. It still may have unknown problems, so beware.

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