Icaros Desktop 2.3

Date 24-Dec-2020 10:56:51
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Icaros Desktop 2.3 is now available for download! The brand new version of the most popular AROS distribution enhances its hosted modes under Linux and Windows, and improves the native experience adding new programs and new amazing games to its collection.

Icaros Desktop 2.3 is the result of two years of efforts. It can now handle spreadsheets, create PDF pages, remind your events schedule and automatically import in HostBridge your common applications, so you can run them from Icaros Desktop when you're using Icaros in hosted mode. Here you can find all download information and current screenshots:


Read more for the list of changes from version 2.2.8

And here's a list of what's changed from version 2.2.8:

New programs and games

- added Leu 0.08 to system/Utilities
+- replaced Leu icon with a new one from Icaros Desktop
- added Saga to Extras/Games
- added IconPoser to Tools
- Added AmiFish and StockFish to Extras/Games
+- Added a collection of styles for AmiFish
- begun work on installation manager
- added Frets-on-fire-CPP to Extras/OpenGL/Games
- added Ezekiel to Extras/Misc
- added ComicOn to Extras/Multimedia
- added AmiBrixx to Extras/Games
- added FIGlet to Extras/Misc
- added Odamex (ag-odamex) to Extras/Games/DooM
- added SilkRAW to Extras/Design (works on native installations only)
- added Jumpman to Extras/Games
- added Chromium to Extras/OpenGL/Games
- added BlocksOfTheUndead to Extras/Games
- added Extreme Tux Racer to Extras/OpenGL/Games
- added IceBreaker to Extras/Games
- added Jigzo to Extras/OpenGL/Games
- added RNOPublisher to Extras/Applications
- added MCAmiga to Extras/FileSystem
+ modified mc, mcdiff, mcview to reflect Icaros file structure
- added XMP plugin for Hollywood to Libs

Improvements to UI:
- added LUA Scripts filetype to Magellan
- added Spreadsheet filetype to Magellan
- edited Spreadsheet def_info file to open them with Leu
- changed behaviour of Magellan's "Archive" button
+- destination archive filename now requested to user
+- fixes former single-files compression errors
- added LilCalendar to Utilities
+- Icaros now loads LilCalendar at startup to follow your schedule
+- added LilCalendar hide/show script in S:, with icon in AmiStart
- fixed Lilcalendar database
- updated Icaros Settings to add options for calendar and clock
- fixed: AmiStart now saves its settings in Envarc:Icaros
+- no more overwriting of AmiStart settings during updates
+- Added the new Hosted setting to AmiStart for Linux hosted environments
+- AmiStart settings now identified as 'Custom' after modifying bar items
- added UserMenus to Commodities
- added Snapshoter to Tools (handles screenshots and recording)
- added Petme Fonts (Commodore 8-bit fonts remake)
- new "cubic sea" background by Paolo Besser
- enhanced: inverted Icaros and Amiga buttons in GUI Selector
- added multiple OS disk icons in Storage/icons with proper settings
- added def_ISO and def_LNK in Envarc/SYS
- ISO files now recognised by Magellan (right click to mount/unmount)
- Added terminus bitmap font
- added new BMP datatype from Miker

Improvements to HostBridge:
- backport from Icaros 64: updated icaros launcher for hosted modes
+- added options to reset, stop, add/change/delete parameters at startup
+- Magellan now shows Linux/Windows user when hosted on Linux
- replaced all 'more' instances with 'cat' to enhance reliability
- modified Linux installation script to allow 32bit Icaros run on a 64bit system
+- fixed Linux installation script to install ifconfig command, if missing
- backport from Icaros 64: MyWorkspace management scripts
- updated windows and linux hosted setup scripts to reflect changes
- updated HostBridge files (PathConv) to handle ASSIGNs
- updated MyWorkspace scripts to handle localized user directories
+ installation script does this as well!
- no more pointless "pendrive installer" on hosted installations
- HostBridge: added 'dotconvert' and 'sync_app' to handle .desktop files
- HostBridge: applications can now be added at startup
- HostBridge: HostApp now replaced by sys:Linux and sys:Windows
- LNK files now recognised by Magellan (right click to add to HostBridge)
- fixed: mounting Windows drives now adds a disk.info icon for them
- fixed: Home: now pointing to user home directory on Windows hosted
- Windows executables now launched by HostBridge on Windows hosted
- enhanced: hbiconselect now converts the selected icon only, saving time
- fixed: pathconv better handles AROS paths under Windows
- HostBridge: a convenient icon is placed when not found in an EXE file
- HostBridge: Windows programs now added automatically after installation
- HostBridge: hbadd now uses %PATHEXT% to handle executables
- HostBridge: new ASSIGNs for Program Files and Windows drawers
- HostBridge: enhanced Windows launch script
- HostBridge: added dotlnk to handle Windows shortcuts in Start menu

Development stuff:
- Added Picture Datatype creation package in Extras/Development/Build
- Added ZuneHexEditor to Extras/Development/Tools
- updated VIM to latest release
- replaced FPC (FreePascal) 3.1.1 with 3.2.0 in Extras/Development/Languages
- updated MuiRoyale.hwp to latest release
- updated MCC_BetterString to v11.34 (x86 and m68k)
- updated MCC_Nlist to v0.126 (x86 and m68k)
- updated MCC_TextEditor to v15.54 (x86 and m68k)
- updated MCC_TheBar to v26.20 (x86 and m68k)
- added AminetReadmeMaker to Extras/Development/Tools

Software updates and fixes:
- updated SQLMan to latest release
- updated Timekeeper to v1.09
+- removed duplicated DOpus manuals to save space
+- removed pointless double check when deleting files
- updated all TrueType fonts definitions
- updated AnimWebConverter to v3.00
- updated Hollywood's AHX plugin to latest version
- updated ZunePaint and ZuneView to latest release
- updated spu.datatype to latest release
- updated HivelyTracker to new version 1.8
- updated ModExplorer and cut off _AROS from program name
- updated ActivateWin to handle windows from process name and id
- updated potrace to latest version
- updated MUIMapparium to latest version
- updated AnimWebConverter to v4.00
- updated LoView to v2.91
- replaced AcuarioFV with Acuario2020
- updated Africa in Extras/Games to latest version
- updated InstallerLG to latest build
- updated ModExplorer to v3.1
- updated VAMP to latest release
- updated VidentiumPicta to latest release
- updated EasyRPG Player to v0.6.1, restored icon for Player
- updated FPSE in Extras/Emu

Improvements to CLI/shell:
- added deark to sys/C
- created the new alias 'ltasks' to replace broken TaskList command
- created S:ctask to check if a specific task is running
- Added ViewT to C
- added S:waitforfile to somehow replace C:waitnotify on unsupported filesystems
- added pgp/k to C
- updated Flac in C and development libraries to latest version
- updated unrar to version 5.90
+ enhanced ZuneARC cfg file to handle unrar 5.80 and upwards
- added a guide file for ProcessIcon
- fixed: now more scripts in S get executable flag

Other fixes and housekeeping:
- fixed a bug in LiveUpdater not copying new Icaros settings in Env-Archive
- moved IconEditor from Utilities to Extras/Design
- removed DigiClock from WBstartup, now running from Commodities
- cleaned up DigiClock directory, sources now in Extras/Documentation
- added/replaced many missing icons (shell, AAEDT and others)
- created a new directory in Extras, "Trackers" for all audio trackers
- moved all trackers out of Extras/MediaEditors, changed description
- moved Protrekkr to Extras/Trackers: no more available in Light edition
- Lua is mandatory: moved it from Development stuff to SYS:Tools
- ScreenGrabber and ScreenRecorder moved to Extras/MediaEditors
- removed Dragon Memory as it was reported not-working anymore
- removed Net Bubble as it was reported not-working anymore
- removed Soliton as it was reported not-working anymore
- removed Sqrz as it was reported not-working anymore (broken sound)
- fixed: added missing icon to Rocks'n'Diamonds
- fixed: rationalised icons in Extras/Demos/kdp
- fixed: removed redundant AROS_intro file in Metadiary drawer


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