Update of the Amiga Games List

Date 12-Jan-2021 20:40:35
Topic: software Classic

The Amiga Games List, a document created and maintained by David Brunet since April 1991, was updated on January 12, 2021 with the publication of its 51st edition. Among other news and corrections, games published or updated in 2020 have been added, and games created with Scorpion Engine and Haktar are now included. In addition, older games (AOS, OCS, AGA, etc.) that can also be played on an Amiga NG system (MOS, AROS, OS4) via an interpreter are now marked [+Interpreted]. The total is now 13,267 entries, including games, level editors, data disks, extensions and interpreters, which are distributed as follows:

12,664 games.
338 extensions and data disks.
146 game or level editors.
119 interpreters.

And for the anecdote, the number of native OCS/ECS titles has crossed the 10,000 mark.


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