Kea Sigma Delta's Amiga laptop project pushes forward, now redesigned

Date 10-Feb-2021 9:58:21
Topic: hardware OS4 regulars may remember that Hans de Ruiter - head of the New Zealand based Amiga development company Kea Sigma Delta and author of the Radeon graphics card drivers that a lot of current generation Amigas rely on - is committed to designing a laptop PowerPC powered Amiga.

On Monday, February 8th de Ruiter took to YouTube to announce that the project has been restarted. While no specific reasons were mentioned in the unlisted video, de Ruiter suggested that a fresh start will allow for a more solid platform to build on.

Although details outlining the new design are promised up ahead, the new revision is said to have a whole different power management and display setup. Interested users are encouraged to follow Kea Sigma Delta's future endeavours by signing up to the company's laptop mailing list.

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