After years of silence The Maestrix has an update!

Date 10-Feb-2021 9:59:14
Topic: software Classic

Hello everyone.

Yes, after years of silence, The Maestrix is back making some noise with a new update!

Describing The Maestrix?

Maestix MaestroPro driver simulator that redirects audio to AHI.

Where is The Maestrix?

Here on Aminet

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New in The Maestrix?

New features in version 1.3 release of The Maestrix:

* Futher optimised buffering routines with bug fix where signals could be missed causing buffer stalls.

* Matches priority of client process to ensure audio buffering routines are on the same level to reduce stuttering.

* Now includes safeguards when audio is stopped and started as software tends to violate API and free audio buffer memory before freeing audio.

* Added some more sanity checks to sound setup input data to ensure integrity of parameters.

* Resource management has been cleaned up so all system objects are reset before reuse.

* Fixed a bug in tooltype parsing code that could crash under some circumstances.

* New BUFFERS option allows you to specify an independant audio cache!

* Updated documentation with a mix buffering guide for OctaMED SoundStudio.

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