Real Amiga SWOS Total Pack [MorphOS.released]

Date 24-May-2021 20:59:27
Topic: News

The top goal scoring superstar heroes of the code business are at it again, presenting the result of more than 7 months of hard work which finally aids to the return of a legend on the Amiga, bigger and better than ever before!

The Total Pack is as complete as it gets, not only accumulating more than two decades of content but also introducing features never been seen in the past such as a totally new Gameplay mode, tactic viewer comparison and more!

Full features list:

- 30 World Tournaments
- 19 Seasons
- 16 Graphics sets
- 12 Standalone games to complete the series
- 3 Sound sets
- 2 Gameplay modes
- 2 Celebration syles
- 2 Modes interactive tactic viewer
- Patched starting years
- Patched internal formations display
- Integrated RNC ProPack GUI
- Live Tournaments Draw
- Live Updater
- Live Sound Set Preview
- Original Intro
- Autosave last configuration
- Fully animated "About" window
- Load your own custom ADF
- On the fly options to be adjusted
- Many extras and easter eggs!

Download HERE!

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