RNOArchive released

Date 16-Jun-2021 1:54:09
Topic: software Classic

RNOArchive is a graphical archive manager, that can extract, modify, and create archives. The program is available for AROS, MorphOS, OS3, and OS4.

- Reads and extracts all archiving formats supported by the XAD system
- Write and modify support for ZIP and LhA archives
- Batch extraction for multiple archives
- Automatic sub-directory creation for batch extracted archives
- Archive browsing and file viewing
- Filetype editor for configuring file viewers
- Intelligent drag & drop support
- Recursive adding of files/directories
- Create new directories inside archives
- Delete files and directories
- Handles UTF-8 filenames in archives
- Extensive file selection options

Please visit its homepage for download links, screenshot, and a demonstration video.

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