Introducing "CyberSphere", a new OS4 game from GDG Entertainment

Date 16-Jun-2021 1:56:54
Topic: News

After 3 years of development, GDG-Entertainment is proud to announce the release of the new game: CyberSphere.

Set in the near future and developing across a fictional city, its undergrounds and around Earth orbit, CyberSphere is an icon-driven game that mimics the old text adventures in a graphic way. Forget typing sentences to move, examine, observe or combine objects: use icons instead.

Loads of different locations are there for you to explore, all bearing a tribute to the cyberpunk genre together with TV shows, movies, animes and games of the '80ies and early '90ies. Enter the arcade and play an in-game retro game for some additional fun.

CyberSphere is now complete and in a very advanced stage of beta testing. It will be available for AmigaOS4, MorphOS, AROS, Windows, MacOS and Linux. It will sport a physical release thanks to the guys at Bitmap Soft.

The game is due by next August. Have fun!

Official WebSite: GDG-Entertainment
Twitter: g0blin70
FaceBook: GDG-Ent
Official Trailer: YouTube
Game Preview: AmigaGuru
World Premiere Stream: AmigaBill

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