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Date 1-Sep-2021 16:45:19
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The following articles have been added to the website of the Amiga magazine Obligement ( during the last two months:

- July/August 2021 news.
- Old articles from Joystick 26 to 28: News: Teque Software, the shadow workers, Review of The Humans, News: Immersion at MicroÔds, Interview with Archer Maclean, News: Disney Software, Mickey for education, Review of Indy Heat, Review of Fighter Duel: Corsair vs Zero, Interview with NoŽl Billy, Review of Pacific Islands, Review of Elvira 2, News: Mirage, real productions, etc.
- Interview with Tony Barnes (Electronic Arts).
- Interview with the Motorola 68000 engineers (Jack Browne, Murray Goldman, Thomas Gunter, Van Shahan and Bill Walker).
- Interview with Chad Essley (graphist).
- Review of Zerosphere.
- Review of Zod Engine.
- File: What happened to Eyetech Group? (first part).
- File: Amiga history, years 1983-1993 (update).
- Point of view: Memories of demos.
- Programming: Amiga C Manual.
- Programming: First steps in programming with Hollywood on MorphOS.
- Special quiz about Wordworth.

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