NetClip 0.1 released

Date 21-Sep-2003 6:59:54
Topic: Software News

The first version of NetClip has been released.

NetClip is a small utility that lets you share one global clipboard between your networked Amigas (or AmigaOS clones). Data copied to the clipboard on one Amiga is immediately available to paste on other machines.


Transparency. Cut and paste over the network as easily as between apps on the same computer.

Serverless and stateless protocol. Once NetClip is set up on your LAN, you can turn off or on any of your Amigas without it causing NetClip a problem.

Pastes ALL kinds of clipboard data. You can write a Personal Paint brush to the clipboard on one Amiga, and paste it into iconedit on another.

Download it from my website.

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