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Date 21-Sep-2003 21:32:58
Topic: Announcement

October 9th Will see issue 16 of Total Amiga Magazine released to the world.

Going Industrial, Alan Redhouse on why Eyetech are moving away from the Amiga retail scene, the newest UK Amiga Dealer unveiled, his trip to China and all things AmigaOne Lite.

Plus! Fleecy Moss, Amiga's CTO, reveals why he's confident on the future of Amiga OS4 and more!

Fetaures in this astounding issue include, AmigaOne XE-G4 Preview, The Amiga Community and its Divided Loyalties.

Reviews of MorphOS 1.4, Algor USB, Hollywood 1.5, AmiAtlas 6, Perfect Paint 2.93, Mas-Player, Mediator and SuperTV, ScummVM and our PD Paradise section.

Special for this month in our Support Section!
Dave Pitcher a man who needs no introduction, starts a series of C tutorials. Want to cash in on the new Amiga wave? Learn to program and write that next masterpiece with the help of an expert. Plus Enhanced Scanning and digital Camera Images and Tales of Tamar Part 4.

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Total Amiga Magazine, setting the pace.

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