Alinea Computer: OmniPort - Multiport Adapter for Amiga 1200

Date 14-Oct-2021 0:36:31
Topic: hardware Classic

We are pleased to announce the release of OmniPort - the multiport adapter for the Amiga 1200.

The OmniPort is a multiport adapter that guides different hardware interfaces of the Amiga 1200 desktop chassis cleanly through the expansion port. The interfaces are two USB, one HDMI and one MicroSD. In order to be able to use the respective interfaces in the OmniPort, the corresponding hardware must already be installed in the Amiga 1200. In addition to the OminPort board, the standard package includes an SD card grab with cable and a printed plate, which is available in different colours.

The hardware can now be purchased for 24,95 Euro in the online shop.
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