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Date 18-Jan-2022 19:50:44
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Link to the competition: competition 2022

The now has over 100 members. Many thanks to all new members and sponsors.
Most come from Germany. For this reason, we are celebrating the whole thing with a big competition.

Start: 01/15/2022 - End: 01/29/2022


1. AmiKit 11.5 (brand new! as soon as it's released!)
2. Deluxe Mini Monster Retro Gaming Joystick Kit - Cherry Red
3. T.G.S. Joystick - Version 4 (2 Buttons with Autofire Function)
4. Get ready - Compact 4 player adapter for Amiga
5. Hoodie Classic - Deponia - Pixelrufus
6. XXL Mouse Pad - Amiga Portal
7. Flashback (Steam Key)
8. Pizza Connection (Steam Key)
9. Amiga Addict Magazine Issue 01
10. Amiga Fan'zine #2 (new German Amiga magazine)

Important note: Only those who have registered on
can win something too! This will be checked at the end of the giveaway...
Good luck to all new and old members of!

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