Wayfarer 3.0 released

Date 20-Mar-2022 10:29:58
Topic: software MorphOS

Wayfarer 3.0, based on the WebKitGTK 2.34.6 is now available for download from wayfarer.icu.

In addition to updating the WebKit core, this version includes the following changes:

- Added a Media menu with playback controls hotkeys
- Added cookie/cache cleaning menu options
- Password save requester pops up on more sites now
- No longer writes partial files into the Curl cache
- Launcher removes PROGDIR:ICU since it is no longer required
- Fixed downloads from itch.io
- Improved network error handling in the media player
- Cleaned up console log output into dprintf
- Fixed the base URL for HLS media chunks (fixes cnn.com, etc)

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