AmiKit XE running AmigaOS 3.2

Date 20-Mar-2022 10:30:39
Topic: News

New AmiKit XE 11.6.1 update for Windows/Mac/Linux can use AmigaOS 3.2 now!
The Raspberry Pi edition of AmiKit will get a similar update soon.

Please be advised that you still need an earlier AmigaOS version (like Amiga Forever, OS3.9, etc.) to install AmiKit first. Then you can install AmigaOS 3.2 on top of it.


- AmiKit turns your computer into a powerful Amiga desktop. It includes 400+ apps and retro games.
- We've done all the hard work for you. Everything is pre-instaled and pre-configured & ready to use out of the box
- AmiKit runs super fast on your Windows, Mac, Linux or Raspberry Pi thanks to WinUAE/Amiberry emulator
- Enjoy your beloved Amiga computer again, now in a modern retro power suit!

IMPORTANT NOTE: For AmiKit to work you do need original Amiga Operating System files (Amiga Forever is recommended​).


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