Passione Amiga #8 (July 2022) is published!

Date 26-Jun-2022 15:06:44
Topic: News

Dear Amiga lovers,

the new issue of Passione Amiga, the italian printed magazine, has just been released!

In this number:
- COVERDISK: World Premiere Playable Demo of SNAKY - The Mysterious World!
- Many videogames reviewed: Riamel Black Prophecy, Atarenium Falcon, Flappadiddle, Emotiworld, Blockman Gets, Mr Poo's Journey
- Collectibles: some useful tips
- Special: Ocean Software
- Interviews with: with Renee Cousins (the vampire slayer) and Luca Stradiotto
- And also: Games & Tech News, Demo scene, New Talents, Mailbox

36 A4 color pages entirely dedicated to Amiga!

Paper version:
Digital version:

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