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Date 4-Jul-2022 13:05:24
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The following articles have been added to the website of the Amiga magazine Obligement ( during the last two months:

- May/June 2022 news.
- News : Apollo, revive the Amiga.
- Old articles from Joystick 45 to 48 : News: Cryo, always more innovative, News: FMV, put a video recorder in your machine, Report: Supergames Show 1993, Review of Blues Brothers Jukebox Adventures, Review of Campaign 2, News: Core Design speeds up, Review of Arabian Nights [CD32], Review of Cool Spot, Interview with David Pleasance, Review of Hero Quest 2: Legacy Of Sorasil, Review of Microcosm, Interview with Jeremy San, Review of Liberation: Captive 2, etc.
- Interview with Urban Muller (Aminet, from 1995).
- Interview with David Newman (musician).
- Review of MorphOS 3.17.
- File: AltiVec.
- File: history of Dynabyte.
- File: the Amiga on TV and in movies (update).
- File: Ramrod, an unpublished game.
- Point of view: the Amiga'89 show and following.
- Programming: an introduction to the PowerPC assembler on MorphOS.
- Special quiz on the characters of Amiga video games.

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