Alinea Computer: Amega 32 - Mega Driver Gamepad to AmigaCD32 adapter

Date 22-Jul-2022 21:50:18
Topic: hardware Classic

Alinea Computer is pleased to introduce the Amega 32 adapter.

The Amega 32 is an adapter for the AmigaCD 32 to use SEGA Mega Driver gamepads (DB9) with 6 or 3 buttons. The adapter supports the full CD32 gamepad assignment. Of course, the adapter can also be used with other Amigas, if games there support the gamepad assignment. In addition, it is possible to change the assignment of the adapter via the firmware.

System requirements

- AmigaCD 32 or other Amiga
- 3 or 6 Button SEGA Mega Driver Gamepad/Controller (DB9)

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