Enhancer Software 2.2 Released

Date 9-Aug-2022 16:36:03
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9th August 2022
A-EON Technology Ltd is pleased to celebrate six years of the Enhancer Software. by releasing version 2.2

The new update is available to all existing Version 2 users as a free download from the Updater tool. It is also available to purchase for new customers as a boxed CD from Amiga Kit, selected dealers and digitally from AMIStore App Store.

Version 2.2 is the cumulation of ten months hard work by the Amiga Developer Team adding new functionality and features to the previous version.

This release represents the most advanced and polished edition of the software. Thanks to user feedback and developer diligence, we have increased the software quality, features and functionality to even higher levels.

What is the Enhancer Software ?

The Enhancer Software adds to or replaces system components in OS4.1 to provide it with a lot more functionality: from essential 2D video drivers to a modern 3D graphics sub-system, more advanced utilities, tools, classes and gadgets. Over the last six years the package has become increasingly important for users.

Crucially the Enhancer Software code base is independent so can evolve and be released regularly with the Amiga Developer Team working steadfastly on improving the package. It is not held up or constrained by any hiatus in OS4.1 development.

What is new in release 2.2 ?

Looking to the future a major evolution of the Enhancer Software will be Release V54. Behind the scenes it has been in concurrent development with this release so several V54 advanced components have made their debut early by being included in release 2.2.

* Warp3D Nova V54 now replaces it's predecessor, V1.85. This major upgrade represents an extra years worth of development offering major new functionality, speed improvements and fixes. It is an essential requirement for many new 3D game ports with full shader support (such as Doom3). Support also added for the soon to be released NovaBridge.

* OpenGL ES Library has updated to Version 3.3 with many parts being rewritten and optimised. which is also mandatory for new 3D applications such as SCUMMVM, SDL2 and GL4ES.

* RadeonRX 2D video driver now updated with the major feature of GART support providing extra 3D performance. Many additional optimisations.

* Video Acceleration Library further upgraded

* AmiDVD has been fixed for current Kernel

* ListViewer Gadget now has Tree view support and many fixes and optimisations

* Archiver now uses our new ListViewer Tree nodes and animated tab feature

* MultiEdit and MultiViewer now support draggable project tabs provided by the new Tabbed Gadget

* Datatypes V54 system has been upgraded

* Other Utilities have also had updates:
Calendar, Clock, InfoWindow, TuneNet, X-Dock

* Commodities updates for InfoWB & Exchanger

* Preferences have had updates:
Datatypes Prefs, Notifications Prefs,
Power Prefs, Sound Prefs, Time Prefs.

* Commands have had several internal updates:
AddDatatypes, Assign, Copy, Dir, List, MakeDir, Version

* Translations updated: Polish, Danish, Italian, Spanish

Please click Read More for the full list of changes and screen shots

Special Thanks

The package has been the result of a small dedicated team who have committed great efforts to this body of work. A-EON would like to thank the developers, beta testers and translators for their significant contributions.

What has changed in this release?


InfoWindow Class v53.15 (updated)
ListViewer Gadget v54.25 (updated)
MediaDeck Gadget v53.9 (updated)
Tabbed Gadget v54.455 (updated)


AddDatatypes v54.10 (updated)
AddBuffers v54.6 (updated)
Assign v54.7 (updated)
Copy v54.11 (updated)
Dir v54.5 (updated)
dt2ico v54.1 (added)
List v54.15 (updated)
MakeDir v54.11 (updated)
SystemReboot v54.1 (updated)
Version v54.15 (updated)


Exchanger v54.4 (updated)
InfoWB v53.43 (updated)


AK-BMP v54.4 (updated)
AK-ILBM v54.16 (updated)
AK-JFIF v54.16 (updated)
Sound Datatype v54.14 (updated)
WAV Datatype v54.14 (updated)


RadeonRX v2.11 (updated)


Datatypes Library v54.15 (updated)
OpenGL ES 2.0 Library v3.3 (updated)
RadeonHD_drv_video Library v1.11 (added)
RadeonRX_drv_video Library v1.11 (updated)
VA Library v1.11 (updated)
Warp2D Library 1.5 (updated)
Warp3D Nova Library v54.16 (updated)
Warp3D Nova GCN Library v54.16 (updated)
Warp3D Nova SI Library v54.16 (updated)


Notifications v54.5 (updated)
Power v1.7 (updated)
Sound v53.33 (updated)
Time v53.22 (updated)


CLI v54.5 (updated)
Format v54.13 (updated)
NotificationServer v54.5 (updated)


AmiDVD v1.53 (updated)
Archiver v53.26 (updated)
Calendar v53.31 (updated)
Clock v53.31 (updated)
InfoWindow v1.4 (updated)
MultiEdit v2.17 (updated)
MultiViewer v3.18 (updated)
TuneNet v2.18 (updated)
X-Dock v2.54 (updated)

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