APC&TCP: Boxed version of IncaMan & Emotiworld released

Date 19-Oct-2022 20:29:05
Topic: News

APC&TCP is pleased to announce that the boxed versions of IncaMan and Emotiworld are now available.

Both boxed versions contain a disk, booklet and an A3 poster.


You need to collect a lot of diamonds to complete the level and if you are lucky enough to avoid the bad guys you can collect additional bonuses like time stops or armor that will help you along the way, have fun playing!

System requirements: Amiga 500 with 512 KB + 512 KB RAM.



Marcelo the Emoji needs to collect hearts from the Dark Cavern where the Bad Dudes live and bring more Amiga love into his life...

OCS version : Amiga 500 with 512 KB + 512 KB RAM.
AGA version : Amiga 1200

Trap Runner Mouse Pad

Also since today, the mouse pad for the game Trap Runner is available in our online shop.


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