Passione Amiga #10 (November 2022) is published!

Date 20-Oct-2022 18:04:41
Topic: News

The new issue of Passione Amiga is out!

In this number:

Video games: Athanor 2 AGA - The legend of the Birdmen, River Raid Reloaded, None of Us, Minky
Books: Darkage Software - the story, A Hobbyist's Guide to THEA500 Mini
Reportage: Passion Amiga day 2022, Amiga 37
Special CD32
Blender course, part 2
Uncompromising rendering
Amiga OS3.2.1 update guide
Interviews with: Jon Hare (Sensible Software), Federico "Wiz" Croci (Simulmondo)
Plus: Games news, Tech news, THEA500 Mini news, Demo scene, New Talents, MailBox


48 A4 color pages entirely dedicated to Amiga!

Available in printed format:

and in digital format:

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