Planned release date for RESHOOT Proxima 3

Date 30-Oct-2022 21:40:50
Topic: News

Richard L÷wenstein is currently working very hard on the completion of his new game RESHOOT Proxima 3.

If no other major problems arise, the game will be released by APC&TCP on March 15, 2023.

Until then, you can of course pass the time with RESHOOT R. :)

So that nobody really misses the release of RESHOOT Proxima 3, we have set up an email notification.

Just write an email to with the subject "RESHOOT" and you will receive information when RESHOOT Proxima 3 is released.

After the release, the RESHOOT notification list will be deleted by us. This is also NOT a pre-order.

Of course, as usual, we will also inform you about the release via all our channels such as APC&TCP webpage, Amiga Future webpage, Android app, email newsletter, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

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