Winuae 4.10.0 released

Date 22-Dec-2022 9:31:05
Topic: News

The Amiga Emulator, WinUAE has been released/

Major update
- 68000 based unexpanded configurations are now 100% cycle-accurate.
- Big thanks to Ross for writing test programs that requested perfect cycle accuracy. Lots of expected and unexpected hardware features found and implemented.

New hardware emulation features and update.

- 6800 emulation is fully cycle accurate.
- Custom chip, CIA, Serial Port, and Audio interrupt timing is now cycle accurate.
- Blitter line mode with invalid settings is now accurately emulated
- More undocumented chipset features implemented.
- A1000 Denise bug emulated.
- OCS/ECS vs AGA EHB on/off mid screen change different behaviour emulated.
and many other changes.

Visited for more information and downloads.

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