AmiModRadio v0.99996

Date 24-Dec-2022 11:30:05
Topic: News

Hi all!

Thanks to AmigaSystem's help, and on time for Xmas , I'm releasing another version of AmiModRadio, v0.99996! It fixes the bug that led to the MUI window to "flash" endlessly when changing "skin". It also includes some rewrite of the core code to increase cohesion and the modules list now works well, including the progress bar. This version also fixes bugs #46, #98, and #116.

As usual, it can be downloaded, along with its source code:

- Via HTTP, on my Amiga Web server ;
- Via HTTPs on Aminet of course ;
- Via HTTPs on BitBucket;
- Via HTTPs on SourceForge.

Please contribute by asking for features, reporting bugs, or offering other translations!

Merry Xmas


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